Musical Director

Incredible Vocal Coach

Jamy Claire Archer is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Instructor at the University of South Carolina specializing in voice disorders and hearing impairment as an internationally certified Auditory Verbal Therapist.  She draws on her professional experience along with her experience as an instrumental and vocal musician to coach singers to healthy vocal habits.  

Innovative Teacher

Jamy Claire draws on her professional experience in adult education and brings that to rehearsal each week.   Her warm ups are engaging and interactive.  She uses techniques in warm up and applies this throughout the entire evening.  She ensures that members have resources such as excellent learning media, feedback tools, and clear direction on what needs to be accomplished during rehearsal.  Jamy Claire allows the chorus to have musical goals and finds ways each week to ensure members can be successful in achieving them.  


Jamy Claire has been inspring and leading Heart of Columbia since May of 2015.   During this time, she has become a Certified Director in Sweet Adelines.  In May of 2019, the chorus scored 524 points and she now has the designation of a Harmony 500 Director.  She currently holds the role of Educational Coordinator in Region 14 and serves on the International Faculty for Sweet Adelines International.  

“I am honored and humbled to direct the talented women of Heart of Columbia Chorus.  This incredible team empowers me and one another to grow into the best version of ourselves, far beyond the talents any of us possess individually!"  Jamy Claire Archer

                                                   Jenny Gordon
       Assistant Director


                                                 Jenny Gordon, Assistant Director


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